Effra Community Radio


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Effra Community Radio Station (ECR) is set up to engage with both present and previous residents of the Effra Community in Lambeth, London. The station is named after the underground River Effra, which flows from Westminster through Brixton to Upper Norwood. This name reflects the station’s listener base.

ECR is deeply rooted in its community, committed to amplifying diverse local voices and fostering an inclusive, empowering environment. The station celebrates the unique cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives within its community, ensuring content is accessible and relevant to all, irrespective of language, ability, or background.
ECR focuses on educating and empowering its listeners, providing vital information about local events, resources, and issues.
Collaboration is key, with ECR forming partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and individuals to strengthen community ties. The station is a vibrant platform for local art and culture, showcasing the work of artists, musicians, writers, and creators. It encourages open dialogue and debate on significant community issues, fostering understanding and constructive conversations.
ECR is also dedicated to advocating for social issues and promoting positive change.
Adaptable and resilient, the station evolves with the community’s changing needs and interests.
ECR’s online platform invites everyone to experience a community-based radio show that reflects the very essence of who they are, creating waves of positivity, inspiration, and connection.

Join us on ECR’s Online Platform as we uphold these principles and cultivate a community-based radio show that reflects the very essence of who we are. Together, we’ll create waves of positivity, inspiration, and connection.

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